Wednesday, May 18, 2005

In Search of Music

So..... I play piano and I sing. But I need to learn guitar for school! Hence I need a Guitar. And do not know what the best kind of guitar there is. So before I go out there and buy one (second hand) I need opinions. Because if it were only up to me, I would pick it because of the colour. Ahhh!!!! Someone help. I am so excited though! I get to learn Guitar!


fiona said...

I know VERY little about guitars... all I can say is make sure it has all it's strings! :-) (I know - you probably already knew that ;-))

CraftyHourMom said...

6 strings, to be exact
and colour is important. if i ever play guitar, i want a blue one.

Alyson Sunny said...

I agree, colour is important, I also wanted a blue one. But I might have to wait with that

blogdude82 said...
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