Friday, May 13, 2005

Life as it is

Well, I have been out of school for three weeks and am finally starting to miss people. That sounds bad but it is true. I have just been so busy. But yesterday someone was here before they went traveling, and I was not able to see them I was a little sad but that is the way life is. *sigh*

I was watching Phantom last night. (Glorious movie I am so glad I own it) and it is weird I started associating myself with the Phantom. I mean he only wanted to love someone and be loved by someone. Now the way he did it was creepy and weird. (having a live looking statue of Christine in his place) Creepy! But sometimes I just want to love someone but God has a plan and I know I will not be alone forever. Because I could always become the first CanRC nun! YEAH!

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