Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What's with the weather

You know you live in Alberta when the weather goes from 21 above to like -1! Brrrrrr! Anyway, so yesterday I did the most wonderful thing ever. It was NOTHING! Oh it was so grand. Today I did the beginning of yard work, and I worked on my piano pieces for the wedding, and tomorrow I get to do some more work outside. Oh I am looking forward to it. I will get good muscles, and maybe I will look better before the summer is over. Then I will be strong and stuff. And then, lol they do not stand a chance! (right!) Well, I can not believe that the summer holidays are here.

I thought that I would totally be missing everyone but I really was not today. And I do not think that I really will. I mean I know I will see most of them when school starts again, and then over the summer. But as much as I hate to say it, I need a break! Yeah I really hated to say it, but I truly to. And I think for the fact that I know I will see everyone again makes it work so much better. One of my friends is coming here before they leave for their adventure, and as much as I want to see them and probably will. Part of me is like, you know I will see them in August, do I really need to see them again. But knowing me I will go and see them, because that is just the way I am. Unless something happens and I do not.

Oh I had a dream last night that I made a CD. I was thinking about going to my cousins so that I could, I might just do that over the summer, but I don't know... Maybe, I was thinking about doing it as a welcome back to school thing for some of my friends, or my family. But I might wait until school starts again and then invite some people to come with me, so that we can do a group CD. Of course I have to clear this all with my Uncle but you know! We will have to see.

Anyway.... for all those reading this that I have not seen in a while, HI! How are you. I am keeping you all in my prayers.


lilshortbread said...

well well... it is snooooowing now!!! :-O *sigh* this is definately alberta LMHO ;-)

Alyson Sunny said...

you know whats funny.When I read your comment, I was like I did not post that. And then I was like wait..... thats Alison. Sigh! Yeah for snow it means I can not work outside!

lilshortbread said...