Friday, April 29, 2005


Well I got this from Fiona and Laura I do not know.....

Alyson Joyce Bosch's Aliases

Your movie star name: Apples Henry

Your fashion designer name is Alyson Delft

Your socialite name is Alyster Cookie Edmonton

Your fly girl / guy name is A Bos

Your detective name is Koala Parkland Immanuel Christian School

Your barfly name is Cookies Porn Star

Your soap opera name is Joyce Dunvegan Court

Your rock star name is Droppies Airplane

Your star wars name is Alygeo Bosdan

Your punk rock band name is The HAPPY Slime

1 comment:

lilshortbread said...

*chuckles* did u check mine out too? :-D LOL I adore quizzes an things... soo much useless fun/... wait not useless.... entertaining... :) *w00t*! :-D