Saturday, April 16, 2005

All I have left is exams

Wow, this year is over. I can not believe it! I was thinking the other day how much work I had to do in order to get to Concordia, and now that I have finished my first year. AHHH! It is kinda freaky and in a way good. I am one more year closer to having my dream completed.

Yesterday was fun. We had a barbaque at a friends house. It was good to hang out with everyone one last time. But in a way kind of sad. I will not be with every person together anymore. Exams and they are gone. *Sigh* But on the upside, I will not have to say good bye to all of them yet. Some of them I will see this week! YES

You know its funny, this year has been a changing year in so many ways. So many things have happened in my life, so many changes. Some of them have freaked me out, but the majority of them have been really good.

I have also learnt alot from my friends, one of my friends from church was like, now you have found people just like you! It's true I have. And I will miss them so much during the summer.

I have plans with some of my close friends from school over the next week, and am really excited about that. Although I know when I say good bye to them I will probably cry. I mean I know I will see some of them over the summer but well, I will not see all of them and it bums me out. I will not be able to be like, hey I need to talk, and have them there. But I geuss that is what email is for. And I will be busy anyway this summer. (now it seems as if I am making excuses!)

And I know I will see them next year, and we can have fun all over again. YIPPEE!

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