Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Gag, I hate being sick, and I hate missing school because I am sick!! Although missing German today was not that bad! But I have been trying to write my english essay. And AHHH!!! Clearly do not write these things when you are sick. They do not go very well. But I am going to hand it in, and then hopefully get a mark. And I missed an important day. I was not able to listen to Rhonda's, Scott's or Beth's speech. Oh well! I will hear them tomorrow at school (cause they were taped) if Scott lets me stay. Not that he can tell me to go home, but knowing me I will go home when Chapel is over. I just want to go to school because I have to do a presentation on Klemtu. And I do not want to let my team down. So I will probably go to that, and then go straight home. Yippee for that. Aggg, sick and the smell of supper is not really doing anything good for my stomach. Gag, Gag, Gag! At least I get to eat soup. Well away I go to finish my really non making sence essay.

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