Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Now until Forever

Now Until Forever

Standing on a side walk
Looking left and right
People all around her
So many people are in sight
She knows no faces,
And it’s hard to break a smile.
She sees so many places,
The road goes on for a mile.
She has no friends to help her
No one to hold her hand
She’s all alone in this one,
It’s time to make a plan.
She thinks of many things to help her
So she can go on day by day
There is one thing she just lets pass
A person that will help her along the way
It doesn’t seem to faze her,
That He is always there,
She takes Him for granted,
It seems she doesn’t even care.
But then something happens
And she has to look His way
She prays that He forgive he,
For acting like a child
For taking things for granted
Not thinking while troubles piled.
He looked at her and smiled
And said with Precious care,
“My child I am with you
From now until forever,
My child I will forgive you
Now just take my hand and pray”
From then on she remembered Him
Not only when He was needed.
And whenever she had a problem
She remembered she can always trust in Him,
Now until forever.

Alyson Bosch ‘04

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