Sunday, March 27, 2005

My Easter Weekend

Easter weekend is almost over and then we get to go back to school. I can not wait. I know it sounds kinda wierd I was out of school for two days extra and its like I miss it. I do, but mostly I miss the fact that when I am in school everything seems normal, and bad things do not always happen. ( I know that is not true but!) So yeah, tomorrow I have to go to a funeral for one of the first girls I worked for. She was 7 1/2. Sure not my favorite thing to do on a Monday. I wrote a poem that I will add to this blog! I just can not believe that she is gone. It makes me so sad. But I still think I am in shock. I do not know if it has completly registered yet. I am sure that it will tomorrow.

The rest of the week was okay, I got to spend time with my some of my friends from high school and watch the basketball volleyball teams play against our BC rivals Credo! Yeah we won the basketball. Man I miss playing. And then some of us went bowling after and had a hoot. It was good to hang out with them.

And today Ashley and I hung out all evening. It was fantastic. I love that girl so very very much!!!
But anyway here is the poem

She sits beside the window,
Waiting for the day.
She is always very quiet,
Hasn’t got a lot to say.
She waits for the one person.
That will make her feel okay.
She wonders all the while
When she will go to play.
I love that little person,
I believe she is God's gift.
That was brought to me in order
To give her smile a lift.
I pray for her daily
I want to see her through
Her good times and her bad times.
Her laughter and her sad times
I want to see that too.
I love her every action,
She reminds me of God's love
She helps me realize
The power from above.
She is my little angel,
She shines in every way
She makes me smile and thank God
For every single day.
I am thankful for her smiles.
And all the little things,
That together we have shared,
They are more special than a king
She’s showed me how to love some one
With all my heart and soul.
She has taught me that with God’s love
We can shine a loving light
Into this world we know.

By Alyson Bosch ‘02

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