Friday, December 01, 2006


So, Tuesday starts my exams, it is also the last day of classes. I can not believe that it is almost finished already. I have half a year left before I graduate, and I am thinking of special needs teaching. So thats two more years. Fun fun for me! AHHH I dont want to think about it. I might have to take a summer course so that I am able to go and take the program but we will see what is going to happen.
Anyway... I am also excited because Leah and I are going to spend a number of hours together on tuesday. ROAD TRIP!!! So excited. imagine the fun we are going to have!!! I can, oh I can.

Well sing and dance just for today.


Lauren said...

We are only allowed to sing and dance today? That is sad :(
Could you not just make an exception for me?? PLEASE!!!
*puppy eyes*

Alyson Sunny said...

Giggle for you hot pink snow angel, you can dance any day you want. In fact we can all dance when ever we want. Cause I want to dance too. giggle.