Monday, December 04, 2006

Serious Monologue

So, on Thursday I have my drama final. I am really excited about it, because we get to do a serious monologue and a comitic one. And we are able to write our own if we want too. Well I did not want to write my own, just because but I found something better. My family has all of my Opa and Oma's letters to each other during the war times and my Opa was away. Well I took one of my Omas letters and shortened it, (because I had to, they are really long) and that is what my serious monologue is going to be. And then I felt as if I should share. So here is my monologue. (and for those in my class..... hopefully it will be well done!)

My dear Henry,

Here I am again, already late Sunday night and only now ready to write more. Thursday Annie came, Friday was Dini’s birthday, and we spent all day there. That is the reason why I had much to do in the evening and could not write you. Then Saturday Jo was here and now all evening Hans and Cobie. It is 11pm now but I don’t go to bed yet because I long so much to talk with you.

It was a fine Sunday night for me. We talked about our faith reliability and our riches in connection with the sermon of this morning. I sure would like it if your conversations with visitors were more of that kind. We are blessed to have a few good friends. If Piet comes we really can talk about anything, the unrest and difficulties of our times go deeper then before, our frail existence is more real with the casualties from air battles and bombardments. The Hague had sixty dead and twice that many severely wounded after a few buildings were hit with only bombs from four planes! How terrible it will be when they come with 500? Henry dear boy, may God protect you from such a terror. “Even so” I said, “we should still be able to trust completely in God’s care.”

My head and mind are disturbed when I think about what would happen if you became a casualty. I know it’s wrong to think that way. In my thoughts you have the highest place, while Christ must have center space. I mean my desires were fulfilled by you instead of letting Christ reign from the throne in my heart. It’s not always so, I have also calm and trusting times and light on the way. Still often I feel a struggle for trust, in the reality of life. One moment I pray “your will be done” and the next in self pity I think “how lonesome I am, how much I miss him.” That is not good. Rev. Kuyper also warned us against the poverty of our thoughts and discipline. “Lord make us in everything trusting children in Your service.”

Harm talks a lot about his papa. Last week a boy said to him “my dad made this little car.” Said Harm, “my papa is so strong and so smart he makes allies.”

Little Chris loves to draw.

Good bye dear husband will the mailman soon bring a letter from you?

Bye, firm and heartfelt kisses from your little wife.

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lilshortbread said...

fantastic :-) you'll do very well, i'm sure!
thnx 4 sharing. :) i adore momologues!