Monday, December 18, 2006

Okay the wedding done

So... Jen and Rob are off and married. Yesterday, it was a beautiful wedding and it was a lot of fun. as soon as I have pictures. (we are getting cd copies) I will post some pictures. I have to say My dress was pretty, there was a little misshap but thanks to some nylon thread and a lot of body tape. (which hurts when you are taking it off, and later on because it leaves your skin raw!!) everything was fixed and went with out a hitch. it was beautiful. I did my hair, the maid of honours hair, and Jens hair. Yep I did almost all of them. It was long. 2 and a half hourss!! Joy of joys. Anyway Its over, and pictures will come. But we looked HOT!


lilshortbread said...

*chanting* pictures! pictures! pictures! X-D

Alyson Sunny said...

I dont have them yet...I have to get them from Jen

lilshortbread said...

*shoot* i am impatient with people who are not photoatious when i need a fix... ;-P *chuckles*