Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Ethics Paper

Wow, so I have just spent the last 3 hours writing my ethincs paper. I am taking a break because if I just keep writing things are not going to make sense anymore. I am really enjoying this paper and I am half way done. I am glad Pastor G. moved the due date up to Thursday because then I can finish it monday, leave it alone until wednesday (or Tuesday) I do have another paper to write for Psy. And then go over it again. This is a good paper to write, although I am getting a little preturbed about it. It is based on the question should we, today’s population, sterilize people with disabilities so that the next generation is disabled free? Wow, yes this is a loaded question and I came up with it myself. It's great, but for the past hour I had to plag devils advocate. And this could have been easier, but I work with people with disabilities, so it was no easy task! But I got through it, and hopefully I will have an easier time typing out the against portion of the paper. It had to have for against and my opinion. So it is going to be a great paper when it it finished. Anyway I am going to go and make myself some dinner. Take a break till I think 7 then type a little bit more. (and by a little I am hoping to have almost all, if not all done by lets say 9) THen off I go to finish my house work, and biblestudy.

Oh and if you happen to want to know a good movie to see. I recommend Happy feet. I like it, it has some good symbolizm.

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