Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Years is Over

Wow, another year over! And what an exciting year it has been. Miranda and Tom got married, as did Mike and Trish. Jess and Jer got engaged, and Henry has a girlfriend. (Okay I know none of this really involves me, but if you think about it, it does. But I have:
1)Finished my third year of school, and started my fourth. (getting good grades)
2) become the advocate for people with disabilities in my school
3) I have figured out (sorta) what I am doing this year in September
4)I have grown spiritually,mentally and emotionally
5)I have made new friends, and had fun with old ones
And so many other wonderful things.

New years is also a time for resolutions. I hate resolutions, but only because people make them and then break them. And really how serious are they? Okay for some people they can be serious. But I dont know.

My New years, I just like to think, "if I were gone tomorrow, would others see me for who I really was, or someone I am not? and Did I live my life the way God wanted me too?"

I see this new year as a gift from God. I mean there are going to be so many things that happen this year, to me to you, and to everyone around. And how are we going to use it? Are we going to waste the year away? Or are we, am I, going to give glory to God in what I do this year.

I thank Him that I have this year, it could last until December, but it could not! And what I want to do this year, it to live it as if it was my last. To love, to hope, to pray, to sing, and most importantly to PRAISE the Lord!

Thank you Father for what you have given me, another year to celebrate you in!


-J said...

And hey another good thing, we made it through our Drama 149 final without our group killing each other :D

Alyson Sunny said...

Yeah, but i dont even know what we got :( I just know that I did well, meh I guess I will find out in a couple days. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Vanessa aka nessasplace

The last post I had you couldn't see as it was 'for friends only' which means those on livejournal of course so here is what I was talking about... this is me being stupid... it takes a while to load

Anonymous said...

no actually is my website, lol