Thursday, January 12, 2006

The day I did not talk

Greetings everyone. Okay so my title says it all. Although... I am not done the day yet, but i am close to there, so I figure I can write this. You might be thinking.. The day Alyson did not talk?? WHA, but let me tell you it is true. And it started like this.

One lovely Monday afternoon (Jan. 9th to be exact) Alyson was sitting in Quinn's office. Now he said to her "Alyson, I dont think you can make 24 hours without talking. And if you do, then I will come to your church and not make fun of it." well Alyson did not like that..(I like refering to myself in third person) and said "I bet your wrong, but I dont want you to come to my church because you have to. I want you to come to my church when you want to. But if I win this silly thing, you will have to take me and your wife Vanessa out to dinner and a movie, of OUR choice!" So Quinn agreed and a date was set. That date was on Tuesday. Now that day did not work because Alyson had to go to work, so a new one was set. TODAY.

Well I have to say, although people tried to get me to talk, by just talking and talking and talking (MUFFIN!) I did not crack. Quinn even tried to tickle me but alas, I did not give in! I went home at 12:30 though. I know I could have stayed longer but I wanted to get out before i made a mistake. At home I had no problem, although at supper we had tacos, and I had my own little bowls of stuff so i did not have to ask for anything. And if I needed anything, I would put my hand up and then motion what I needed.

I have been able to write notes all day, and I feel that if I would not have been able to do that, i would not have made it. But alas I could write notes and that saved me alot of head ache.

I have to tell you though, it has been interesting. i have been able to hear what other people have been saying, and just listening. I think that was cool. And I have been able to relate to how people who can not talk feel. Sometimes they get frusterated, and now I know why. And I also know what it sounds like when the person talking to you is having a one way conversation.

The hardest thing has been that I could not tell my family I love them. We have had to deal with some emotional stuff over the past two days, and it makes me realize how important family is. And it was so hard not being able to say good bye have a good day, I love you. Or I love you. Or even an it will be okay. That has been the hardest. Wanting to talk but not being able to at those situations.

But they know how I feel, and I know how they feel.
Have a great one! And maybe one day, see if you can last 24 hours without talking.


CraftyHourMom said...

LOL. Congratulations!! Great day for you, I'm sure. :-D
I love you too, Alyson.

Unknown said...

i think my friend would be shocked if i went for even an hour without talking...
tee hee
they'd also probably enjoy 24 hours without me talking...