Wednesday, January 25, 2006

He will be there

Taking it one step at a time
Not knowing where it will take you.
Holding on tight
To scared to let go.

He guides your steps
and leads you to the waters.
He holds your hand
and leads you into safety.

Don't want to make a mistake
But know its going to happen.
Don't want to seem wrong
But know you are not always right

He will take your mistakes away
And you will be forgiven.
He will help you when you are wrong
And will show you the way.

You're scared to look ahead,
but the past has trapped you.
You want to carry on
But hold on to what you've known.

He will help you look ahead
And will always be your future.
He will lift you up,
And help you carry on.

Alyson Bosch 2006


Unknown said...

*sniff sniff*

*wipes tears out of corners of eyes*

lilshortbread said...

luvli :-)