Thursday, November 03, 2005

My monologue

I thought I would post my monologue up that I have to do either the 14tho or the 16th! I hope people can come and watch them... I will have to ask Caroline... Anyway so if you are in my class and you read this (JUSTIN) please dont tell the rest of the class. But anyway they will have to see how I act it out. Peace, ( I hope you have tissues!)

Phone Rings: “Hello, oh hello Dr. Jones, yes this is Amy, okay, are you sure, wow that um, okay, yes, are you sure? Positive? Okay thank you, bye Puts phone down and grabs picture of the two of them, not saying anything for like 10 seconds, brush a tear off face and sit down still holding the picture.

“Oh Jeremiah, that was the doctor, what am I going to do? I wish you were here right now. I can’t do this on my own!! Why did I make you go and pick up milk, why! You should have come right home, and then you could have been here with me, instead of, well instead of gone. It’s all my fault! I know it is, and I can’t do this, I can’t. I never thought that I would have to say good bye so soon. Yesterday I picked up the guitar Jeremiah, I did! And you would be proud of me I played a song….. It was good, well as good as can be expected. And yesterday I went through the photo albums. It’s hard to see your face baby, and know that I can not just reach out and touch it. It’s hard!! And Mom and dad invited me to the beach…Our beach; I went, but had to leave!! This is not right! I NEED YOU HERE! Especially now, how am I going to get through these next nine months, no these next 60 years without you. My comfort is that now, now I will have you with me always, and every time I look at our little one, I will remember. I love you baby, you would have made a great father!

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lilshortbread said...

I love arts! I love drama! I love monolougues!!!!!!
Put my dibs in for coming!!!
all the best...