Wednesday, November 09, 2005

its poem time

They have a friendship

A bond no one can break

She thinks of him as her best friend

And she is happy that he has found someone to love

She is so very happy

But deep inside her, she has fallen.

Not because of sadness

But because of uncertainness

She does not want to hurt again.

It happened once before

A long time ago

When things were going so well

So fun and so free,

And then the two became three.

And it faded,

It ended

Never to be the same again.

So here she is a second time

Praying it does not happen.

Knowing it probably will not

But still she is so very scared!

She doesn’t know how to act,

Whether she should step back and watch it happen

Of if she should carry on the same way.

She knows what way is the best way,

What way is the right way,

But she is scared of hurting

Scared of loosing this friendship

So she feels the need to step back

And not say anything

but that is the wrong way.

She thanks the Lord that he is happy

That he is able to love.

Maybe it is just her being selfish,

Not wanting to share,

Not wanting to be hung out to dry again.

She feels he will not change

But the question

Will he?

Still stays in her head.

If she has to let go she will

If she has to say goodbye she will

but then,

Who will hold her hand?

Who will hold her close?

Who will she go to when she has to talk?

When she has to pray.

She does not want to let go

She does not want to say goodbye.

She wants to say hello,

I need your hand and arms right now.

I need you thoughtful words

And I need the prayers to God.

She prays to God, for this friendship

And she leaves it in HIS care.

That day by day it strengthens

And she never has to fear.

Alyson Bosch 2005

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