Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Felt it

So, I just wrote this, but I thought to my self... People might not think I am okay. This poem is one of those, the speaker wrote it but not thinking about themselves poems. You know what I mean? Anyway it did have some inspiration, but that will remain unknown.

Misted eyes wander

And they stop at you.

Do you see them?

Do you feel them?

I know you do!

Cries of anguish are screamed out.

And they stop at you

Do you hear them?

Do you heed them?

I know you do!

Years of hurt are voiced in pain

And they stop at you.

Do you understand them?

Do you grasp them?

I know you do!

You turn misted eyes, clear

You make every cry, sing

And you make every hurt, disappear.

What more can we ask?

What more do we require?

You are there in any time of need!

For you are amazing

You are astounding

You are our God!

Alyson Bosch ‘05


neal said...

cool poem!

fiona said...

very nice, alyson! i wish i had your tallent at writing poetry! (but since i don't, i'll just admire yours) :-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. God can and will ease the pain... if we ask.

Unknown said...

Very good write Alyson!
Loves it!