Monday, July 11, 2005

So mUch 2 saY!

Hey hey hey. So I have so much to say, but not alot of time. Wow last week was a whirl wind of adventures! It was so much fun watching Mike and Trish get married. I loved it I did I did. There were some down parts but that does not matter. It is amazing how God can just bring two people together. Yippeee!

Hmmm, Because I need sleep this will be short but you know. watering plants for my mom takes over 3 hours. Yep it sure does. Gag. and I am as red as a tomato! Yippee for me.

I want to add a picture cause I never thought I could do that. So lets see what i will add. Oh its my guitar. So nice I loves it. I even named it. For a while I was trying out the name Zoey, my friend Regan suggested it, but then I was like nope I do not like that. I have now named it Sahara. Yep like the desert. I loves it. Anyway enjoy looking at her, I sure do. And I like playing her. Just ask Henry and Laura..


Henners said...

ohh.. precious.... at least its not as loud as you piano.. hehe. J/K.


Anonymous said...

hmm, your pic looks up-side i pondered at it for a while (yes, you can ponder a picture) and i have decided, unless you take strange craze photos, where you stand at a very awkward angle, above the guitar case, then it would deff. be upside down, and then i looked again and said to myself (out loud) n/m it's alyson. the picture is right side up. she was just standing on her head to take it. so needless to say my final vertic is that i spent way to much time looking at the picture and not enough time doing my work!

Anonymous said...

Did i mention i was such a loser?