Sunday, July 17, 2005

My Trip to Markerville

So Friday Amber Versteeg and I drive out to Crayola town, otherwise known as Markerville. Once there, we are greeted empty house! Yep thats right, well okay we knew we would be, but still! Kels went hiking. So anyway They while waiting we sat on the couch and I played my guitar. Amber made up a song about their black fish with the eyes coming out of its head. So fun! So the family gets home, and Kelc puts us to work making a salad, while she goes and gets clean. (she needed too) From there we went to meet people and have a fire.

Sat. Amber and I get the 411 on Markerville. We go to coffee hour. (thats how you get the 411) So we got the tour of the creamery cause we wanted to. ( So Regan, I laughed more during the crayon tour. but it was a good tour. Mrs. Gamble gave it to us, Kelc was working) Kelc leaves with us and she gets changed and stuff. (well Amber did too) We go back and make ice cream. YUMMMYYYY! Then off to Sylvan to see the coffee shop the Gambles own, and have lunch and do a little shopping. Okay Kels and I walked Amber shopped. (it was still fun, Kelc saw this wonderful purse that said. "I'm to pretty to do math!" dont you just love it?) I did not get it though, for fear of not going back to markerville.

After Sylvan, we went and visited Jon Berg out were he worked and invited him over for an evening of Movies and supper. He said yes.

After visiting Jon we told him we would pick him up, we went to the cliffs, Because we drove all the way to the cliffs Kelc and I decided that we should jump them. So we did. YES SO FUN!!! I think we should do it again sometime with a ton of people. Amber has a grand picture of me jumping for those that do not believe I did.

So then we went to Happy hour at Aunt Sandy's (he he it consisted of the Gambles, Us and Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bill) I love happy hour in Markerville.

We then went picked up Jon, watched movies played dutch blitz, dropped Jon off, and went to bed.

Well what can I say about Sunday....... Amber and I went for a ride, wanted to see how many times the car spun, and then went to visit the ditch. We are okay, Amber was a little shocked because yeah, her car, she was driving.

Kelc Amber and I went to church while Mr and Mrs Gamble came to our rescue and were our heros. YEAH FOR THEM!!!! I have to say, I really like the church building, I knew all of the songs (cause the youth did them today) it was grand. We walked in to the Happy song. Yeah thats right, cause we needed to get happy!

After Church the car got fixed and Amber and I made it home!

HEre are some interesting qoutes from the weekend:
" I have never seen a deer out in a field before!....Oh can you stop at the road kill on the way home... I want at picture"

"So, I will send your cheque in the mail for being my kids friend! " (Yes I get paid for befriending a Gamble!)

"Maybe little knomes come out in the middle of the night and rake the gravel"

"How do you like it how do you like it? More MORE MORE" (Jon singing while playing dutch blitz"

(due to a random annoying song that fits with one sylable names) Amber"So the song sounds better if your name has one sylable" (after hearing the song already and saying it was horrible) Jon "How does that work" (and song get sung again!)

Sigh good times good times.


neal said...

Ich bin Schnappi das kleine Krokodil,
komm aus Ägypten das liegt direkt am Nil.
Zuerst lag ich in einem Ei,
dann schni schna schnappte ich mich frei

Anonymous said...

Ich wünsch, das ich ein klein Krokodil.

Ich bin ein kleiner Vogel vorbereiten zu fliegen.

Alyson Sunny said...

Okay so because I took German does not mean that I know what you were saying. Giggle, but I have an idea

Alyson Sunny said...

Oh and Regan I am glad you are a small bird ready to fly

Anonymous said...

i just got my wings yesterday!

Henners said...

Glad your okay! Scary scary.. I was afraid.

Ich bin Schappi eh? I like that song..