Friday, August 06, 2004


Okay I just have to say this, I LOVE my work!!!! I am so privileged to work with so many great individuals that light up my day. And get this, today one of them picked up the fork ( that had food on it already) and put it in his mouth all by himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah okay, so this may not sound like a big deal but this guy normally needs to be fed by hand. Not independently, and He did it today. And another thing, he calls me A. It was cute cause I was out of the room and all of a sudden I hear this Aaaaa Aaaaa! And when I came to see him, he looked at me and said Aaaa with a smile and a giggle. And a different individual that I work with, did not want me to leave the other day. Normally when his parents come home he says "thank you bye bye!" and instead he cried and held on to my leg. Isn't that cute. As it is always said, work isn't work when you love it!!

Well signing out have a great one.

Oh I should explain I work with people that have different disabilities!!

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