Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am running away and other things

I am running away on Thursday to the mountains with my B.F.F! I am so excited to just spend some time with her and laugh, and talk, and be surrounded by the wonder of God's amazing mountains!

In other news the funeral was a good one. If ever you can have good funerals. It was a celebration of her life, as small as it was. There were a lot of kids from work there, and after the funeral T. and I spent some time with them. It is hard to see them suffer, especially knowing that they lost one of their best friends.

I asked my mom the other day if it ever gets easier, she said no. And you know I am kind of glad it doesn't. That way I can stay human. (does that sound right) Anyway. I did not cry until T. started talking about camp and memories. But then I was strong for the kids. You know how it is.

I will miss that wonderful young lady, her red button, her bright pink feather boa and her joy for singing. Camp will not be the same with out her!

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