Wednesday, September 06, 2006


AHHH!!! Okay so Capstone permission slip signed. Now all I need is to find songs that fit my theme that is going to take 45-60 minutes. Rent the church, find people to sing with me, sing for me. Pick their songs. Find someone who will play piano. (I know of someone I just have to ask him!) Figure out everything else. See if there are going to be other instruments. (Like flute, cello, guitar!) you know. Pick an MC. (I have someone in mind!) Pick the date. (sometime in March!) Learn songs. Sing songs. Right an amazing write up, get people to come! Get good mark!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! (I can not believe I am graduating!) Oh so here is where I ask.... any of you want to help with a capstone? Say yes please say yes! Alyson wants YOU!


Alyson Sunny said...

For you that do not know. A capstone is like a final project, I am a music student so i have to do a concert. (well dont have to but its better then a paper) Also if I dont do this. then I do not graduate! YEAH

Astley said...

I understand...I still have to get my proposal approved!

Anyways, I'm more than willing to know that! But you'll need to let me know dates so that I can make sure it doesn't interfere with anything and so I don't double book myself.