Saturday, July 15, 2006

It is I the tired coordinator

So first of all yesterday Quinn paid off his dept to me. (taking me and Nessa out for dinner and a movie.) it was great we went to the Keg, YUMMY STEAK! and then to see a movie. Now we were going to see a chick flick or a cartoon. But because Quinn had invited friends to come, and really wanted to see Pirates 2. We let him. So it was an okay movie. Kinda long, some parts kinda dumb. Like hello there are not enough "normal" stinky pirates, they have to great sea ones. (Hammer head shark man!) But anyway, next time I go see it, I probably will not be as quiet during the movie. (funny fact, since I am me, I was sitting beside a guy, and we got to talking. wait I got to talking, and I told him to come to concordia for school when he was done Highschool. (yes I am silly that way) anyway he was like Iwas thinking about it. Nessa asked him what school he went to, and he said St. Mathews in Stony Plain. That was when I was the only calvinist sitting between a lot of Lutherans. Oh well, his paster is Paster Nye! and get this, he is going to come to Concordia when he is done. ha ha) Anway back on track... so yeah last night I went out and had fun. But I should talk about my camps

So after a wonderful month of planning and orginizing what I would like to call the PSA camps of grand adventure and fun. (ha ha I just made that up!) We started on July the 4th. I now have two weeks under my belt and things are going smoothly.

The first week we had teens, and they are the best kids ever. We went to Allan beach, (not as wheelchair accesible as one would think) and the Movies. We also went to the street performers and met the mayor of edmonton. It was a sweet week. Totally fun and great. The teens loved it and they made some sweet stepping stones and t-shirts.

The next week was just this past week. We did so many different things with our 8-13 year olds. But I have to say, that age group= sassy! Anyway so on tuesday we went to the street performers and then on Wednesday we went to Global television. That was pretty awesome. We got our picture taken with Mike Sobel! Thursday we went to the Edmonton Journal, Saw them making the driving section of Fridays paper. And then went to go see Ice Age 2. ha ha its funny, but I do have to say, I saw the back of my eyelids for some of it. On Friday we had a party. Now this was fun because some one brought a cupcake cake. (from the top it looks like a cake) anyway there was so much icing left over. Well my co worker Jared desided that he was going to put it to his face and pretend to lick it up. (the left over icing!) Anyway I was standing right beside him so what do I do.. Smash it in his face. It was great he had a lot of icing on him.. but then he took what was left (cause there was some..) and gave me a facial with icing. Oh so much fun. The kids could not stop laughing, and I smelt like icing. *I did go out and buy a new shirt before going to Nessas and Quinns* It was a great time.

Next week we have 5-8 year olds and I am so excited for that, cause it is just little guys. Then after that I am gone for a week to camp. (right now it is just day camps!) I am also excited about over night camp. it is always so much fun! I will have to write again when those camps are done, cause I will be bound to have stories.

YES FOR CAMPS! I love them!

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Man I miss Quinn...this may be a long year....