Monday, May 29, 2006

Strange that it happened now

So all day I have been kinda quiet, I think it is because I had a headache and I am not feeling so Work was interesting. But I could not place the not feeling so good thing. But away I went.

Then at work tonight (with my boys) we started to have a God discussion. I think it started with " I dont believe that everything in the bible is right." Well what am I going to say to that. A ten year old telling me what that the truth is not the truth.... Hmmm! Anyway so we started talking, and then about Adam and Eve, and how they were never born so how did they become alive. Oh and well there where Dinos, and then people. Yep thats right. But wait then came this question...."Who created God" (Wait, slow down, where are these questions coming from? coming out of a ten year olds mouth, what should you say to that!) What an interesting discussion we had. It was strange, but I hope I answered right. He is getting caught up in all of the hupla right now. (book of Judas, the movies ect) But then we went to go see Over the Hedge and thats funny. You should go and watch it.

So I get home, start reading my emails, and almost burst out into tears. Y.... I think I am people sick.. (not sick of people, just missing them) I have been so busy that I have barely seen anyone. A littl here and there, but not a lot. I miss people!!!! Ahh what am I going to do when I leave. But maybe I will be more busy and then I will not notice... I dont know! This is wierd, and I am finding it strange that it happened now. But this is weird, cause I mean yesterday I was miserable cause I did not see Tim, (more cause he did not show up to church and I did not know why, until I phoned him, and then I was just miserable cause he was sick and I could do nothing!!!) I dont know how Scott and Michelle do it all summer!! And everyone else in long distance relationships. I dont get it!

Sorry about the ranting and raving. I miss you all so much!! I miss giggling with Amanda, singing ONe way in the hall with Beth, sitting in the office with Scott, religion class with Michelle and Quinn, singing with Leah, Laughing and being wtih Nessa, bugging Rea and Ellen, being crazy and acting with Allison and Talia.... Making fun of Muffin, well you get the picture..... I miss you guys tons.... Drop me a line, write me a note!

Praying for you all! Love ya


Astley said...

Praying for ya too sweetie! All will be fine in all situations, good or bad, because we know who's in control. HE will give you what you need to get through the hard times...and of course He gives you us to be supportive of you in your time of need.

Luv ya lots. We need to go for coffee (I need to spill stuff myself :0P).

Anonymous said...

Hey Alyson

I am sorry I never got back to you after you called. I am a bad person who has a strange growth in her belly!

We were actually down at Southend Common partaking in some X-men 3 as well....

Call me some evenig to blab... I work tonight but am pretty free most other nights

Nav said...


Anonymous said...

HUGE HUG! Yeah it is totally hard...I am totally feeling it too...I wanna come back to Concordia if you can beleive it, as I hated the classes but I miss me friends (including the crazy Alyson) very much...I just look the the lovely mountains and remember God's awesome creation which helps cuz I always miss the mountians while in Edmonton...Don't miss the Oilers though! :-P Go Canes!

Astley said...

I love play dates...can't wait til tonight :0)