Friday, May 19, 2006

One would think

One would think that it being summer, I would post more... well WRONG! I have less time now then before. In fact I am writing now instead of watching the hockey game. ( GO OILERS!!) although I think Tim is thinking, Alyson you dont even like hockey that much! But you know when we are playing in western finals. I like hockey. But just in case GO ESKS GO!! ( getting ready what can I say)
Anyway Tomorrow is Sunny the 2s (only because I am older) wedding. I can not believe that tomorrow she and Steve will tie the knot! SO EXCITED!!!! Tonight the "boyz" are staying over, so a really nervous Steve. ( I predict) His two groomsmen and Isaiah and his brother. Now I have not seen Isaiah since Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to it. As I write this they are at rehersal, but that is okay. I am saddened a little that Tim is sleeping today, and working tonight, because it would have been fun for him and Isaiah to meet. (but they will tomorrow) And besides that is its crazy I know I even saw Tim yesterday, but I misses him!! But I should not complain because I saw him alot this week, and i have friends that do not see their signifs almost the whole summer. I dont know how they do it!!!
Hmm so I am working with my dad till the end of may. I like that, means I get a tan and some muscles. Thats right muscles. I even picked up a freezer today. (by my self, and no it was not a tiny little one!)
I can not wait till June when I start my other job, in fact i am so excited for that! Although I find that I am so busy I have not had time to really miss some of my friends. Oh dont get me wrong I do miss most of you, especially the ones that I will not see again for a while, but I am so busy that I dont really have time to think about it.
I am in desperate need of letters. In fact last year I had so many already, but this year have there been any in my wonderful mail box.... NO! Sniffles sniffles. But I think that I will just have to write some people letters first. and then and then I will get letters. BUt I like them they are fun, and they make me smile.
I have really nothing else to say. Have a great time!

oh Pray for Alison and Steve and their wedding, and also everyone involved, weddings are a big deal and a lot of work.


Anonymous said...

It really annoys me how little you have been updating

-it grinds my gears
-it irks me

Alyson Sunny said...

Hey hot stuff.. Thats right that means you Nessa.... me updating?? What about you updating? I should call you, we should do things. I am going through Nessa withdrawl