Saturday, February 04, 2006

On The Town

What do you get when you put 15 people together, 10 of them drama kids? A night one the town!!
Okay there was a really lousy pun but it was fun! So yesterday I had plans to go home and do homework without distraction... :) But alas, my friends told me I needed to go and see this play. I relented, thats right I did, it did not take very long (only about two hours) and I had a great time! We went to my friend Allisons house(thats right Allison!) first for appetizers and desserts, and oh the fun we had there. Let me just tell you, that if you want a good laugh you should take us drama people anywhere. I was privlaged to answer Allisons phone and buzz people into her apartment. There was a phone call that was not buzzing worthy, and I was like" hello this is Alyson... " the guy then responded "Are you sure this is Allison, you sound different" and then the rest of the convo went like this...
" Yes I am quite sure, in fact its what my mom has called me my whole life.."
"wierd, anyway.... is (allisons roomate) there"
"I dont know, I dont think so, can I give a message" (thats right GIVE)
"No thats okay, hey Allison do you know if....?"
"Oh maybe I should confess, I am ALYSON, not Allison, don't you think its wierd that you are talking to an ALYSON, when its ALLISONS house/"
"I dont belong here, I am a friend of the other Allison... the one who lives here"
"Oh yeah thats wierd...dramatic pause can I talk to that Allison"
"Oh of course, why didnt you say so! have a nice night.."
And the conversation is over. it was fantastic.
So then after that convo, we just had some very funny laughs, because let me tell you when you have drama students out number the non drama students (okay I lied when you put a drama student anywhere) things can get a little (or a lot) crazy!!
From Allisons house we went to go see the play "On The Town!" So funny!!! So Good!!! And I could totally see our school do it. One of the girls in our group made it a goal for us each to make a friend and tell them about our plays. so I did, I made two... They must have known we were drama kids by the way we were acting. (although during the play we all behaved dont worry!) But during intermission and then when it was over we did mention "the Importance of Being Earnest" and "Cherry Coke" that concordia was doing.. and that "Cherry Coke was written by Concordia sudents, and if people wanted to go and see a wonderful play just like this one they should go to Concordia on this and this day.... Giggle it was so fun!! And the ushers were like you must be drama kids cause I feel his energy... that really only Dram people have. (its true we do give off this energy, I know when drama people are coming to see OUR shows.) Anyway so that was a great night!! It was fun, and tonight is bound to be grand also.... Opera here I come!!

ps. Everyone should come to see "Importance of Being Earnest" and Concordias big huge band concert (two famous christain bands, and then two school based bands) on March 11th... Tickets on sale soon, if you want more info.. talk to me!!!! Oh and CHerry COke is March 30, 31 and April 1st... and you HAVE to come to that one, cause I AM IN IT!!!!!!

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