Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Joys of A Waiting Room

So yesterday I decided to try stair diving. Well it did not end gracefully. Nope in fact it ended painfully! But I have some nice friends and they sat me down, but then I almost fainted and threw up. Gross!!!! Anyway my wonderful friend Nessa took me to the Medi center were we waited not one, not two but three hours. Oh wow it was boring and she and I were starting to go nuts, crazy , insane. We looked at each others wallets, and we diagnosed me, and we pulled a little "street car named desire" (giggle) and then we made a bed out of chairs. Well, the doctor looked at it, told me that if I wanted my sheet signed and a doctors note, all together it would cost $160 (150 for the sheet signing thing and 10 for the note) I said nope, and then she told me I needed xrays, so we went there, and then I got my xrays.. (the technision asked if I was drunk when I fell down the stairs, I said no, I had just finished a physics exam, and he was like well maybe you should go and get drunk now... giggle) anyway so then we went back to the doctors. Both of us limping, (Nessa had a sympathy limp) And found out I just sprained my ankle. But wait that is not all the doctor also said "this bone is normally supposed to be closer to this bone, but I guess you were born like that!" (YES I AM DEFORMED!!!) Anyway it has felt better today, but I think that is because I listened to the doctor and stayed off of it almost all day, but it still hurts. Although I dont have as big as a limp today. YES!!!

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