Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Singles Awareness Day!!!

Well, okay so today is Valentine's Day. Other wise known as Singles awareness day! Yep for all us single people. Sigh.... Sometimes, I just do not know what to do. Pastor Garry said it right in Chapel this morning. That one day God will send us someone, but until that time, and even after that time, we have to remember the best valentine. That God, because he loved us so much gave us his son so that we could live. Isn't that just the best valentines day present ever!!!! I hate how it it so commercial. Do you really need to have a special day to say I love you to people you love? Nope, in fact I love them all and I tell them that everyday. I like that, that is y I do not really like Valentines day though, I mean, cause it is almost as if you have to expect it from your other half if you are going out with them. maybe I am just bitter. YOu never know. Ahh well, tomorrow is another day.

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Anonymous said...

Hey al
i really think that they should change it to International Day of Chocolate!! that would be a good day!!