Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where has time gone??

Hmm....where has time gone? I contemplate this as I sit at the computer wondering what I should write about. So much has happened....

Graduated from University: Check

Started working: Check

quit my job and stared working somewhere else: Check

Bought a house: YEAH I DID! oh sorry Check

and am in love with my two cute little nephews: check.

It is funny how life changes and how people grow. Its been two years since I graduated from CUCA.. thats crazy. There are still says when I miss the atmosphere, and the people, but for the most part, I stay in touch. (for the most part)

Met some pretty entertaining and wonderful people in the past 2 years. Sadly they have moved back to their homes. (sniffles) Why is that a number of the cool people i know live so far away? But then, a number of cool people I know live here... so it is okay!

Im trying to think of a good update so that I can post things with everyone all caught up... Or I will just write random musings from now on!

God is good and celebrate each day with a smile!

and in the words of muffin....Song of the day: Flying without wings by Downhere! (oh they are coming to Edmonton in August... if tickets are the right price... I AM SO GOING!)

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