Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's Finished!

Well, camps are over! And suddenly I feel a little empty. I have three days left at the office, and then a really busy two days, due to Henry and Laura's wedding, but I dont want camp to end. Yesterday I was happy to leave, just because this was a hard week and I was so tired. But then I got into the car and ten minutes later I had tears streaming down my face. Kinda suprised me but then I realised that all of my hard work and planning paid off, and it was done. AHH it was done! I can not believe it. Only a few minor mishaps, nothing horrible. (like mixing a bus schedule!, but that got fixed) And a rainy day. I feel proud of myself, and so happy that I had the staff that I did. It was great. I am going to miss working with my staff, they are awesome and fantastic. But in one week I go back to school and back to normal. (Well as normal as things can go!) I am also going through camper withdrawl. I totally miss some of the campers. Oh to see them again. It was great. Oh I love camp. LOVE IT!!

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