Saturday, October 01, 2005


After spending the day doing homework I have come to a few conclusions.
1) Writing essays ahead of time is a good thing. (yeah me!)
2) Fairy Tales are EVIL! (the original ones)
3) Listening to music for my listening quiz is fun
4) Listening to music for my listening quiz with blocked ears due to my cold is NOT fun
5) writing practice listening quizes are hard, cause you have to select the song to play on the computer, therefore you know what your playing
6) forgeting my singing books at school, therefore leaving me to transpose in a hurry on Monday is not good.
7) forgeting my singing books means, I only do warm up
8) forgeting my singing books means, my family will not tell me to stop singing, cause I am not.
9)going to the Library to find my next reading book is smart because then I don't have to buy it. But not finding out if it is checked out before I go, is not smart.
and finally
10) I feel like I did something good after a full day of homework. GO ME!


CraftyHourMom said...

lol that's a lot of conclusions to come to!
btw, when are you coming back from aunt coby's to stay? i missed you the whole week. :-(

Alyson Sunny said...

my last night at Aunt Cobi's will be the weekend. And then I will be back. But you will be gone.. giggle

Henners said...

why do you think they call them "fairy" tales, if not to be evil...